Inexpensive X-ray inspection instrumentMX-60Basic/ MX-90Basic

MediXtec Japan Corporation offers a much less expensive X-ray inspection system by featuring least functions required for X-ray radiography inspection, for example deleting an automatic platform, to meet the demand from many users that they need x-ray apparatus but cannot afford to it.

The truth is that the manual function is enough since it can meet most of inspection needs. Please contact us!


Inspecting bridge, , dropped, and relay between BGA balls

Internal inspection of molded parts as sensors

Heater Coil

Analysis of internal structure of a motor

Internal inspection: Connector, Electric parts, or IC

Features of MX-60Basic/ MX-90Basic

1. Largest detection scope among X-ray insturments of this kind(24×18mm)!

2. Adopting a 'multi-function lever" for quick and simple operation

A single lever enables you to move a sample along with X and Y axis, and turn it. And this also has a button for ultra-high speed image processing sytem.

3. Light, small and saving spaces


Jigs to fix many samples is mountable.

  MX-90Basic MX-60basic
X-ray tube Tube voltage 30kV~90kV 20kV~60kV
  Tube currency 0~0.5mA  0~0.8mA
  Focus size 0.1mm  
  Tube structure Sealed type  
X-ray CCD camera Resolution 13LP/mm
  Effective scope  24mm×18mm 
Sample table Dimensions (W)596mm×(D)470mm×(H)60mm
  Movable range 160mm×100mm
*Extended to 280mm×180mm (Optional) 
  Rotary Axis 360° 
Cabin Dimensions (W)692mm×(D)554mm×(H)588mm

X-ray radiation level

outside an instrument

  below 1.0μSv/h
Weight   125kg
Image processing ImageView

Image compensation(Brightness,Gamma, Contrast)


Save Image、Save Movie、Maximization of display


Included in standard package(Windows 7)

Examples of Images

Inspection of voids of solder balls
Inspection of voids of solder balls
Short solder balls
Short solder balls

Burnout of cement regist
Burnout of cement regist

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