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We are Japanese trading company who have a comprehensive export lisence of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

Exporting Japanese Products

Micro Support's MicroManipulator, "Axis Pro"

Simple sampling of micron-sized fine substances by mouse operation with visual confirmation on PC screen. Many types of tools attached to the sampling instrument are available.


OSP's VOC sensor

OSP's VOC sensor

Portable, easy-to-use VOC sensor.


Please contact us to kdi@kdijpn.co.jp (Please remove ' after you copy this address.)

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Electro Magnetic Wave related

    FTIR(Foulier Transformed InfRared spectroscopy)
    Engaged in Gas-phase IR spectrometer for over 30 years. Its portable FT-IR is epocal.
  • China/SKYRAY INSTRUMENT's Energy Dispersed flourescent X-ray analyzer EDX(Flourescent X-ray spectroscopy)
    Chinese, research-oriented manufacuter. Its recent growth is phenomenal.
  • Canada/Boreal Laser's TDLAS Gas Analyzer
    TDLAS(Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy)

    TDLAS Open-path Gas Analyzer.
    Being used in the field of gas leak monitoring or air monitoring world-wide.
  • Bulgaria_Milkotester Ltd
    Milk analyzer

    Based on ultrasonic technology, contents of milk can be analyzed easily!

Gas Related

  • US/CDS Analytical's sample pretreatment instrument for GC-MS
    GC-MS Sampling Instrument

    Pyroprobe/GC-IR Brill Cell/Thermal Desorption/Purge and Trap/Dynamic Headspace etc.
  • Canada/C.I.Analytics's Tape Type Process Gas Analyzer On-line Gas Analyzer
    Being used as an on-line analyzer in oil refinaries and chemical plants.
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