We not only just pursue for profit, but also corporate contribution to society.

Jan, 2014
Start business with Japanese supplier, MediXtec, of X-ray radio scopy
Jan, 2014
Started business with Japanese supplier, Micro Emission, of portable ICP analyzer
May, 2013
Started business with Bulgarian supplier of Milk Analyzer, Milkotester Ltd.
Apr, 2013
Started sales of Chinese Manufacuture's GCMS analytical instruments (from Skyray Instrument)
Jan, 2013
Started business with Canadian supplier of H2S gas analyer, Envent
Sep, 2012
Opened office in Fukushima plant to help business of the disaster hit area
Sep, 2012
Started buiness with American trading companym UDT to import radiotion detectors
May, 2012
Started business of SKYRAY portable EDX spectrometer
Mar, 2012
Started commissioning sales of Pertie and Seebeck module from Japanese manfacturer
Sep, 2011
Uploaded an article "Basic FTIR principle (2)"
Sep, 2011
Uploaded an article "Basic FTIR principle (1), What is FTIR"
July, 2011
Uploaded product information on micromanipulator, "Axis Pro" is now available.
June, 2011
Began building English web site.
Since under construction, please understand that contents are not enough yet.
Apr, 2011
Started business with Canadian manufacturer of Tape Type Process Gas Analyzer, "C.I.Analytics
Mar. 2011
Visited PittCon 2011 in Atlanta,US. Feb, 2011  Started business with Japanese manufacturer of Handy VOC sensor, "OSP Inc."
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